Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Heath Ledger can act, y'all! He really can!

Brokeback Mountain finally opened in OKC last weekend. I was afraid that since I live in the Bible Belt, I wouldn’t be able to see it until it came out on DVD. Or that, if a theater did decide to show the film, it would be burned to the ground by the fundamentalists before I could see it anyway!

I got to see the movie at Harkins in Bricktown last Saturday, and surprisingly enough, didn’t see a single protester. Since I’ve been looking forward to this movie for several months, I feared that it might not live up to my expectations. But it was incredible! I highly, highly, highly recommend this movie.

Everyone is probably familiar with the plot of this “gay cowboy” movie by now, right? Basically, two men begin a homosexual affair in the 1960’s and end up having a relationship that lasts twenty years. But the story explores so much that I have been thinking about it for days. I will probably be thinking about it for weeks. Sometimes a movie tries to explore too much and it just doesn’t work, but the dialogue and the performances in Brokeback Mountain are so fine, that a lot of territory is covered with a few lines and a few looks.

This is a story of forbidden love, of love that is not allowed. Despite the fact that it is about “gay cowboys” (probably a very American specific sub-culture), it’s really a universal story. I mean, it’s the same story as Romeo and Juliet, right? Two lovers not allowed to be with each other and tragedy ensues. And while I am a Shakespeare fan, I’ve never seen a Romeo or Juliet express as much love and passion and pain as Ennis and Jack.

Though I haven’t seen all the movies the Academy will surely pick for Best Picture nominations soon, this is definitely my pick right now. And who knew that Heath Ledger could act? Go see it and thank our theaters for bringing good films to our backward state!

Ang Lee. Gay cowboys. Jake and Heath. Who could pass that up? Certainly not THIS exotic yet ordinary gal. Hopefully, we'll make it to Tulsa this weekend to see this fantastic tale of forbidden love.
Good. Let me know what you think!
LOVED Brokeback Mountain! So glad we finally got it here! Although, I'm pulling for Joaquin Phoenix to win the Oscar over Heath Ledger... we'll see.
Can they REALLY be called cowboys? I mean, don't they tend sheep? Aren't they really sheep boys?

The sitter is here. We're Tulsa bound.
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