Sunday, January 29, 2006


happy birthdays with self-portrait

See, I told y'all I'm off the diet. Dunkin Donuts RULZ! And like Rosemary, I cheated on this portrait. Rick snapped the picture, as I was too busy digging for my vanilla creme delight.

So here is a second self-portrait, featuring my better half since today is his birthday! Happy Birthday, Rickus!

If I'd been thinking, I would have taken lots of pictures from Rick's birthday weekend to include here. But as usual, I think with my stomach and not with my mind. This has indeed been a very gastronomic birthday weekend! Yesterday, I surprised Rick with a trip to Drumright, Oklahoma. Yeehaw, you say! How exciting! Actually, the surprise was the Tidal School Vineyards, a couple miles outside of Drumright, where we partook in our first wine tasting. Tidal School is an old federal-style brick school building that has been converted to a winery, tasting room, and banquet hall. Their vineyard is small (maybe a little bigger than our lot, and we live in the inner city, yo!), so they import most of their grapes and then crush and mix them in their winery downstairs. Yours truly is not so into wines but is into their effect, so I did enjoy my multiple tastings and the big glass of Oklahoma Sweet that I had with lunch. Rick LOVED their newest wine, Impressao, which is 65% Shiraz, 18% Sangioves, and 17% Tempranillo.

(I have no idea what that means, but I know it's true because we bought a bottle and it says so on the label!)

I think it may go well with donuts.

Apparently, there are 35 wineries in Oklahoma, several of them centrally located. I foresee a "Sideways" style day trip in our near future. Or as Rick said, since we do live in Oklahoma, our version should be called "Backwards".

The rest of our gastronomic adventure included spring rolls and a 6-layer chocolate cake at P.F. Chang’s, as well as pizza, brownies, and chips with Mom’s home-made salsa during poker that night. The cake, by the way, was 1883 calories and 325 carbs. Bye-bye, South Beach! Thanks for stopping by!

Today, the actual birthday, has been spent more-or-less in recuperation. Rick is building stuff in the garage, one of his favorite ways to spend any day, birthday or not. He’s also playing with his NEW IPOD NANO, and just announced to me with a big smile: “I just downloaded 1984 onto my Ipod!”

I know Rick well enough to know that he meant the book and not the Van Halen album, which is a great relief!

Happy Birthday, sweetie! Have fun.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RICK! Mmm wine tasting, that sounds like fun!

I was supposed to read 1984 in high school, but I didn't.
HAppy BdAy! Good book... not so good movie.
Great wall of chocolate cake. *drool* Yum yum yum yum yum! Delicioso!

You guys always have the best day trips. You daytrippers. Happy Birthday, Rickus!
Yummy donuts!! Good bday ;) (who cares about diets anyway...)
Thanks for all of the great birthday wishes everyone! It was a great day.

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