Sunday, January 22, 2006


First Finished Object of 2006

When you take a kinky scarf:

and dunk it in this (any brand will do; I use tap):

and stretch it out and pin it with these:

you get a much longer kinky scarf:

Ta Da!

As I said earlier, this is the Airy Scarf Pattern from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, which I always think of as my 'Arry scarf, cuz, y'all know...I heart Harry. But anyway, I wanted to try my hand at lace knitting, so I picked this easy garter stitch pattern and knit it with some 100% alpaca laceweight that I bought at the Taos Wool Festival while Rick and I were in New Mexico last October. I'm not even sure what the brand is. All I know is I had to keep repeating my mantra "You are on a yarn diet. Don't buy anything!" the whole time I was there, but I couldn't resist a couple skeins of this stuff since it was on sale for about $3.

I think I might know why it was on sale. This stuff is ITCHY SCRATCHY, you guys. The blocking softened it up so that it is wearable, but not for long periods of time. If I were to knit this project again, I think I'd use a soft mohair. And I'll probably use the rest of this yarn to knit lace bookmarks.

I really do like this scarf, though. Maybe I could just pop a Benadryl thirty minutes before I wear it!

Hmmm I wonder if the Benedryl would work. Although I would then be wearing wool while sleeping...
Very cool scarf... sorry it's so "itchy and scratchy", though. (and hey, I have the same front door as you! - if that's your front door in the picture there.)
YAY! Added you to the sunday self portrait list.
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