Friday, January 06, 2006


Check me out!

I'm not as computer illiterate as I thought. I can select, copy, and paste and voila! Pretty picture of meaty taco on my blog!


Don't worry, I won't continuously paste quiz results up here from now on (that doesn't mean I'm not taking them, ya'll--I just don't necessarily want everyone to know what kind of ex I am or how hot I am). But I couldn't resist this one because I am on Day 3 of the South Beach diet and all I can think of is FOOD!

Mmm, tacos.

You Are Mexican Food
Spicy yet dependable. You pull punches, but people still love you.

What Kind of Food Are You?

Update: Here's the link, Nanda.

What Kind of Food Are You?

I so wanted to discover what kind of food I am, but the linkadinkadoo you posted didn't work, yo. Maybe it's just for bloggers. More incentive to start my own (secret) blog - QUIZZES!!

No, unfortunately, I am STILL computer illiterate. I've been messing with this HTML crap for the last twenty minutes and it's making me mad.

And hungry.

Please, please, please start a blog so you can help me operate mine! You won't laugh at me for not knowing where my "a href"s and my "/a"s go!
Great. Now I made it even worse! My apologies to anyone who visits this site and perhaps thought, due to my bravado, that they could actually link to something from this picture.

Instead, you just get the same damn taco.
I turned out to be Chinese food -- Exotic yet ordinary. People think they've had enough of me, but they're back for more in an hour.

Niiice. I guess. I think I've found a new slogan for myself: exotic..yet, ordinary. Let's try it out.

(exotic yet ordinary)
Keeping with the whole food quiz thang, I decided to see what kind of candy I am. Turns out I am gummy bears (plural). I may be smooshie and taste unnatural (no comment), but I'm so darn cute.

Blogthings sure knows how to sweet talk a gal, eh?

exotic yet ordinary
Blogthings also told me that I know nothing about blogs and that I am not scary. Like I didn't know that already.

Spicy yet dependable.
I'm japanese food. I would have assumed it'd be italian. Or coffee. It's a food group, right?
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