Monday, December 26, 2005


Think I'll have a drink before my afternoon nap.

Is Christmas over yet?

Not for me, it isn’t! We’re done celebrating at mom and grandma’s, but have not seen dad or the P-town fam yet. We’ll go to dad’s tonight. And we’re going to P-town this weekend. Christmas on New Year’s? In Pawhuska, Oklahoma? Sounds like twice the alcohol to me!

Rick got me Last-Minute Knitting for Christmas, breaking our promise not to purchase gifts for each other this year. Because we give so much money to our credit card companies every month and consequently reside right above poverty level, we decided not to exchange gifts this year. Or rather, we decided to use Rick’s freelance money to buy a couple “us” presents. We bought two rugs, one for the living room and one for the dining room, and two ottomans, to make the house feel a bit more home-y. That was supposed to be it. But Rick used a bit of his allowance money (Embarrassing confession: a couple months ago, we put ourselves on allowances to try to save money. Movie of my life story: Broke-Ass Mountain.) to buy me a little something extra! Cheater!

That’s okay, because I bought him I Heart Huckabees!

But I didn’t wrap the present! And Rick didn’t wrap his!

What can I say? We’re just a sneaky, lazy, broke-ass couple.

P.S. Big tangent ahead! Speaking of alcohol, Rick and I now have a liquor cabinet.
Okay, it's really a cabinet in our living room that already held DVDs. But now it stores liquor in it now because so many people left their drinks at our party! Thanks, party people! Love you! Merry Continuing Christmas!

Your Prairie Knitter, who is enjoying winter break so much that she took a picture of her alcohol. Though poor in money, she is rich in love and liquor!

Hmm.. that Hot Damn looks familiar.

You sneaky sneakertons better come by while you are in town this weekend. And, at some point, we promise to whisk you away to Tulsa to dine on cheese fondue at The Melting Pot. M'mm, m'mm!

I wondered what was in that cabinet! ;) Now I really know!
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