Friday, December 09, 2005


Much better now. Thank you!

Thanks for all the comments and emails wishing me luck the last couple weeks. I needed the support! It seems that my A&P prof didn't realize that we only had a few weeks left of class after Thanksgiving until, oh, after Thanksgiving and he has been piling on the work since then. But my recent tests have gone well and I am recovering from the sleeplessness. Just one week left of this semester and I can have a life again! *shamelessly doing the cabbage patch*

Special thanks to Nanda for her silly knitting links. No one has to worry about getting a hand-knit
spaghetti hat from me for Christmas, as I don't know how to crochet. But I would love to make Shaun of the Dead dolls.

And since I've been looking at weird knitting patterns lately, I thought I'd share my favorite "what a complete waste of time, what kind of crazy knitter dreams this shit up; holy crap, I am just like this nerdy biology-geek pattern-writer, aren't I?" pattern of all time:
the digestive system!!! It's at (I can't seem to link to it for some reason, which is almost 100% likely to be user error).

I'm particularly impressed with that pancreas (the seed stitch totally looks like the bumpy surface of the pancreas!), and of course the bright green gall bladder. I've seen a lot of bile in my day, but never anything THAT green!

You know, I used to think I was weird for loving anatomy so much. I can look at pictures in my Gray's Anatomy for hours (thank you, Rick!), I LOVE dressing changes--the bigger and nastier the better. I have taken four A&P classes, and I'm not done yet--I know I'll eventually take the two cadaver courses available. Can't help myself, you see. I even think I would enjoy teaching A&P someday, except that I can't get in front of a classroom without turning beet red and getting all sweaty and stuttering like Professor Quirrell with a Voldemort under his turban.

But even being the anatomy geek that I am, I haven't knit a digestive system, for crying out loud! Or any other system, for that matter.


I'm thinking a functional knitted heart would be right up my alley. Complete with valves, pulmonary vessels, and the conduction system, of course. Ooh, and the coronary arteries could be made with I-cord, perhaps with an infarcted area, to show what a heart attack looks like.

"See kids, what can happen to you if you smoke and eat bad? You're coronary arteries will harden and get blocked, cutting off the blood and oxygen supply to the heart muscle, until it looks like this! No, smartass, your heart muscle isn't really a stockinette pattern. You're supposed to be looking at the infarct! The infarct, I say!"

Probably a good thing I don't teach, after all.

P.S. Thanks again for all the well-wishes. Hopefully, I can get a bit caught up on emails this weekend. The Christmas knitting is almost done, and then I can start some new projects. After all this knitting for other people (I don't even like Christmas!), I plan to re-enter my normal selfish mode and only knit for ME! For awhile. Guess Rick is right--that Gryffindor scarf might take a couple more years!

The Flying Spaghetti Monster, and The Nanda (who is NOT a follower, by the way), are displeased that no spaghetti monster crafts will be crafted by your crafty self. However, The Nanda IS pleased that you are much better now. May you be touched by His Noodly Appendage.

Not a Pastafarian (not that there's anything wrong with it),

The Nanda

info containing some noodly wisdom
Down with gift knitting! Seriously, after this, I'm all about the selfish knitting. If something I try ends up being a gift, so be it. But dang it, I want to ENJOY my hobbies ;)

Glad it's getting better. Bring on the Holiday Break!
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