Thursday, December 22, 2005


Dreaming of skipping Christmas in favor of New Year's

Christmas crafting continues, as does the Christmas countdown. (That was some serious alliteration, yo). Most of the handiwork is done, I just need to get everything wrapped. Oh, and the yarn ends on grandma's hat. Dang yarn ends. I finished that hat a month ago, but left the yarn ends because...I HATE weaving in yarn ends. So, gotta do that too.

We usually spend Christmas Eve at Grandma's house and then try to fit everyone else in after that. As the child of divorced parents, I have to figure out when to go to mom's, when to go to dad's. And that doesn't include seeing Rick's family. This year, I don't have anything figured out past Christmas Eve. I'm working the 23rd-27th (how rude of patients to get sick during the holidays!), and we can't get up to Pawhuska, Oklahoma on days that I work, so it looks like we may not get to P-town til New Year's Eve. We won't get to watch Adain open his presents, but on the plus side, that gives me a little longer to actually buy his present! Just because the crafts are done doesn't mean the shopping is!

Deadline approaching! Yikes!

I'm sure it will work out despite all of my disorganization this year.

That reminds me. I'm thinking about making a list of New Year's Resolutions this year. I'm all about lists, but I haven't made Resolutions (with a capital "R", of course) for some time. I'm hoping that posting them out in the open, in this somewhat public forum, will help me to keep them. Or at least give me a place to review them and see how my progress is coming. Because in my current state of clutter and chaos, I will simply lose any list that is written on paper. Instead, my resolutions will be easily accessed in the January archives. First on the list: GET ORGANIZED.

Happy Holidays. Next year, when I'm organized, I swear I'll get cards out to everybody. And on time, too.

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