Monday, December 12, 2005


50/50 fall girl

A couple years ago, Rick and I went with our friend David on a trip to bag the high points of North Dakota and South Dakota. You see, Rick is on a quest to visit the highest point of all fifty states. David and I, and several others, tag along when the peak seems like one we mere mortals can handle.

During that trip, I acquired my superhero name: Fifty-fifty fall girl. It's not much of a super hero name because it's not much of a super hero power. I spent a lot of that weekend falling. I fell on rockslides, I tripped over tree roots, etc. etc. But it was not very predictable falling. It's difficult to tell when Katie might fall and when she might not. Often, I will fall when there is nothing to fall over. Thus, my power is that of distraction. I may or may not fall at any given time and distract the evil villain.

I bring this up because 50/50 fall girl struck again last night at work. I was charting on my patient in the computer when I remembered that there was something I needed to look at in her paper chart in the room. Unbeknownst to me, one of an array of computer cords had snuck completely around my foot so that when I stood up and started to run off, WHOOSH! It knocked me off my feet and I went flying into the air.

Into the wall that was directly opposite me about four feet away. So I went flying through the air, hit a wall with my shoulder and both knees (how, I don't know), and collapsed onto the floor into a crumpled and confused heap. In front of three of my co-workers.

I just hope the evil villians were stunned into distraction. I sure was.

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