Wednesday, November 02, 2005


sealed with a kiss

Today I was lucky enough to head out of town and up to Guthrie to visit SWAK, my very favorite yarn shop. I normally wait until I have lots of yarn needs before making the drive or before ordering online, but I needed some yarn by Saturday. Here’s what I got:
It’s for Grandma for her birthday. Two skeins of Rowan Cork and some Lantern Moon needles. I will print off
this pattern for a lovely buttonhole scarf that she can use the Rowan Cork to make. My camera is a piece of crap, of course, so it’s hard to see what a pretty green this is, but I think it will really look nice with her eyes.

I was a very good girl and didn’t buy a single thing for myself. I did, however, spend an hour in there “just looking.” Several times a salesperson came by and asked, “Are you sure you don’t need any help?” “No,” I’d say with a big sigh, “I’m just looking.” Maybe she was keeping an eye on me because I was really doing more than just looking. I was looking and…touching. I touched every variety of Jo Sharp yarn, and every Rowan as well.

I love touching yarn. Poor Rickus is such a sport to come with me to yarn shops. I spend the entire time going, “Feel this yarn. Isn’t it wonderful? Rick, did you feel it? Did you touch it? You couldn’t have touched it because you aren’t in complete ecstasy like I am right now. What do you mean it’s not that soft? Feel it again. Rick, it’s cashmere. CASHMERE. Trust me it’s really, really soft. Maybe you’re not touching it right. If you were, you’d be moaning like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally right about now. Here, just feel it again. You’ll see how wonderful it is.”

Some things, non-knitters just don’t understand. But Grandma, being a knitter herself, gets it, and I think she’s gonna love this Rowan Cork. Three years ago, when I first wanted to learn to knit, Grandma tried to teach me. Bless her, she was very patient, but I could not understand for anything. I could cast on all day, but the basic knit stitch was TOO HARD. After hours of practice, I managed to knit a couple rows and was extremely proud of myself. But when I resumed knitting two weeks later, I could not remember anything. I was so frustrated I didn't pick up my needles again for another year!

Thanks for all your patience and kindness, Grandma! Now feel that yarn up like you mean it!

*exclaimation point*

We should coordinate outings to SWAK. Or sign up for their retreat thingie (which is filling up quick, apparently.)
I don't think I'll be able to afford the retreat. Yowsers, they're proud of that! Sounds fun, though...*pouting*

But we should definitely coordinate SWAK trips. We'll save gas money and turn it into yarn money!
Wow. I have never wanted to touch yarn so badly (and like I meant it) in my entire life. When next I am in the presence of yarn, I'm gonna touch it. O, yes. I want to be a non-knitter who's in the know, dammit!

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