Saturday, November 26, 2005


I love this guy.

Actual words spoken by Rick this morning: "Women are so much smarter than men. It's not fair."

'Nuff said.

And now I must finish watching Giant, which in case you didn't know, is THREE AND A HALF HOURS LONG and so not worth it. But I won't quit in the middle, I won't. About an hour to go and I can chuck it and its red Netflix envelope out the front door and never think about these wasted hours again. Next Netflix DVD to watch: Lost, Season 1, Disc 4. Woohooooo!!!!

Hardcore smartee that is so not a quitter!

Three words to think about after you've gobbled up your last episode of Lost: Six Feet Under.

Your blog has been Gizoogled!

Peace out bean sprout.

Oh my god that is hilarious! Rick and I spent almost an hour gizoogling and laughing til our stomachs hurt!

Gizoogle til da wheels fall off.
Prairie Knitta
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