Tuesday, November 01, 2005


For the love of sleep!

So after class today, I decided to go to sleep without setting the alarm clock, on the off chance that I might actually stay asleep for more than a few hours, and that if I could sleep, I probably should not wake up until I was ready. And it worked. I slept for eight glorious hours. Apparently, I should not sleep with an alarm clock on. It jinxes me into waking up hours before it is supposed to alarm.

And now that my head is a little clearer, I can say in retrospect that our Halloween evening went smashingly! The kids were much nicer than I remembered from last year, possibly because this year we handed out the candy rather than letting them grab it for themselves. Last year, we had a huge cauldron full of candy, and it was so heavy that we just told the trick-or-treaters to get some. Well, you can imagine how that worked. HANDFULS disappeared at a time. Rick was sent out for reinforcements more than once.

This year, much nicer, with many more "thank yous". The kids loved our decorations, especially the crow that sits near the front door. A couple kids screamed when they saw it, and several of the younger ones asked if it was real bird and if they could pet it!

Best costume award goes to the kid who dressed up as a slice of pizza.

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