Monday, October 31, 2005


happy hallosleep...i mean ween...happy halloween....

In Fight Club, our hero Edward Norton goes to see the doctor about his insomnia. His doctor tells him that you can’t die from lack of sleep. Now, I can separate fact from fiction enough to know that I can’t believe what this doctor character says. He is in a movie. But right now, it’s about all the hope I have.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve had anywhere from 3-6 hours of sleep per day. Never more than 6. And I am an 8-9 hour kind of girl. When you are awake for SO long, you have time to think about things like your sleep to wake ratio, how dangerous it is for you to be responsible for seven patients on the CARDIAC floor after sleeping for three hours, and whether you have built up a tolerance to Benadryl since you can no longer take one pill and expect to get some freakin’ sleep.

But enough about me. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

It’s Halloween. And I won’t be able to slip a nap in before work because the little brats will be pounding on the door demanding candy, like they don’t eat candy every day because their parents don’t give a rat’s ass about their health habits, not to mention teaching them common courtesy, like “On Halloween, act respectful, and don’t stampede the poor girl handing out the candy. And yes, though it seems corny, you should actually say ‘Trick or Treat’, because the adults, they like that kind of stuff. And since they have spent their hard earned money to give you candy, even though I let you eat candy every day and it’s not really anything special anymore, you should at least try to give a little something back. Like courtesy.”

Oh yeah, this wasn’t supposed to be about me, but about Halloween. And I already told you guys that Oklahomans are nice. Let's amend that. Oklahomans are nice when they’ve had their sleep.

Back to Halloween. Rick is the Halloween king. He has decided, since we bought the house, that Halloween will be his holiday for going all out, so he has spent the last few weeks building our Halloween decorations. We’re not big on Christmas, so our neighbors are probably slightly frightened of us. What kind of Oklahomans don’t hang a single Christmas light, but completely transform their front yard for Halloween?

The kind that worship Satan! *cue evil laughter*

I’m kidding. We don’t really worship Satan. But we do love us some boy wizards!!! Happy Halloween and Happy November! Eighteen days til Goblet of Fire!!!

Ooh, aren't we grumpy with only three hours of sleep?
want to say that again, rickus? *wink*
Now accepting anonymous comments! Bwaahahaha! I don't have to start my own blog after all! Tee hee.

We took little girl on her first Halloween outting evah this evening. She was the cutest witch they ever did see and her candy haul was mighty. We are going to be sooo sick. Happy, but quite sick.

I heard a lot of laughing and excited chatter tonight, but I noticed (most) kids didn't say trick-or-treat. They just kind of...well, stood there, opened their sacks, and then looked from the candy dish to the sack to you and back again. It was...weird. I had to stop myself from saying something stupid like, "hey, kids, what do we say?? Hmmm?"

Awww. Rickus IS the Halloween King! Your house looks spookyrific!

Those decorations are awesome! I'm too lazy to do anything like that :)
You blog sure gets quite a few comments. I'm going to read thru your posts and see why you are generating so much interest. Bye. Ms. San Diego attractions
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